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Award winning 21st Century Skills development programme for schools

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Soft skills for students

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34 vocational trade subjects in a variety of industries are taught within the school environment.

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Trade skills for students

A revolutionary programme that nurtures essential life skills

Skills 21 is a revolutionary course that enables parents and teachers to empower children with the necessary 21st-century skills that are vital for success in and beyond school.

By improving fundamental learning, literacy, and life skills, students learn how to thrive in social interactions and real-world scenarios.

Designed for students in grades 7 through 10 (age 12 to 15 years), Skills 21 uses engaging techniques that combine at-home gamified learning and in-class immersive group challenges. 
Taught at their school, by their teachers, over a 12 week period the programme will help the children to identify, develop, and use real-world skills necessary to excel in and out of school.
We help develop bright students who have the skills to achieve their goals and ambitions.

School or parents interested in Skills 21 should contact us through the website to receive more information.

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