Productivity & soft skill training

Short duration training

The South African Local Government Association (SALGA) is an autonomous association representing 257 municipalities, whose primary role is to represent, promote, protect, and voice the interests of local governments.


SALGA’s CEO and executive committee recognised that the association was practising old silo behaviours that were not serving their stakeholders optimally. For example they believed they were reacting to problems instead of anticipating or preventing them, which sparked the need for operational and systematic changes.

They wanted to empower their employees towards democratic social networks and focus their efforts to deliver the highest customer experience across all channels.

SALGA understood what training was required to run the organisation, but lacked a system to and knowledge to deliver it.

The Arc Skills Solution

Arc Skills developed a compact two-day intensive team effectiveness training programme that incorporated keystone elements for effective teamwork, such as building an effective team, diversity, understanding team roles, interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, conflict management, and problem-solving.  

Together with role-play exercises, proven strategic models and questionnaires like the Thomas Killman model for conflict management, and Belbin questionnaire for team role assessment were used extensively throughout the duration of the sessions.

As this was a national roll out in South Africa, our local subsidiary CMB Training managed the recruitment of facilitators with prior exposure to training in government departments to deliver the training. Prior to delivery we coached the facilitators to ensure there was a standardised approach.

Training sessions were successfully carried out for over 350 delegates at various SALGA national offices.