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Growing businesses by growing people

Growth X Intelligence solutions pinpoint role-specific competencies and blends technology with innovative learning methods to nurture an energised workforce that can immediately contribute to the growth of your business.

Unlike other providers, we have the tools to future-proof an organisation through the upskilling of current employees as well as providing a pipeline of trained ready-to-go talent for future hiring. The Growth X suite of solutions can serve an entire organisation from on-the-ground staff up to middle management. We empower employees with the skills needed to execute a specific role with proficiency, confidence, and expertise.

Training mapped to your business

We are able to carry out a comprehensive analysis of your employee's knowledge and skill level, and compare them to industry benchmarks. Equipped with these deep insights we can then create and recommend a solution that effectively addresses your specific needs. This method guarantees that our training course will enhance your company’s productivity and get you the outcome you want.

We challenge the norms and think beyond traditional boundaries to create forward-thinking talent solutions that support the growth of businesses through the development of its one number resource - people.

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