India Skills 21 Class Graduation with Aravinda De Silva

This month we are celebrating the graduation of twenty-two Skills 21 students from the MRV school in India Mumbai. Our brand ambassador, Aravinda De Silva was in attendance to share in their success. The students began their journey in November, and spent 10 weeks developing a range of 21st century skills. The teachers and students shared their stories and experiences of the event:


Students Feedback

“It was awesome because we go to explore a lot of new virtues (skills).”

“We enhanced our inner self”

“I want to do it again next year!”

“It has helped me to become the best version of myself.”

“Before I was only talking to my classmates and now I am talking to everybody.”

“Developing my virtues not only helped me succeed in the game but also helped me learn how to use the skills in my life.”

“This game has helped me a lot to develop my skills, my attitude towards my classmates has changed. Before I would only collaborate with my friends, but during the course of the game I realized that collaborating with other team members is essential to achieve goals.”


Teacher Feedback:

“In session one students were curious and excited. The game instigated a sense of achievement, leadership and competition all while keeping compassion, collaboration and teamwork.”


“Skills 21 was a learning experience for me as well. Each session provided me new glimpses of the children and how they changed…some introverts started to open up”


“As the students understood the concept of Skills 21 they got so involved in saving the cities and earning the virtues that before meeting in school, they would plan the session at home where they would interact using conference calls, WhatsApp groups, to decide on their strategy. They would plan times to meet and talk themselves, all self-motivated.”

MRV Graduating class, with special Mr Aravinda De Silvag MRV Graduating Class March 2018, With Special Guest Mr Aravinda De Silva
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