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Short duration technical training

Award winning vocational skills development solution

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Bespoke and structured training solutions designed to propel your business forward

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Short duration technical training

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In this immersive solution we identify, design, deliver and monitor a training programme that has been designed specifically to address the skills gap in your business.

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Bespoke training solution

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Bespoke and structured training solutions designed to propel your business forward

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Structured business training

Vocational education solutions to master a trade

We offer a comprehensive range of highly-focused vocational courses that are short in duration. As the course is taught in a modular style the training typically lasts just 3 - 4 weeks. Our hands-on approach enables delegates to learn through practice on modern industrial equipment and awards an internationally recognised certificate.

The curriculum stems from our partners in Australia, United Kingdom, and Singapore, and encompasses global best practices for safe and productive work. We use local trainers from your region and industry to ensure the skills learnt are relevant, useful, and understood.

Sectors we provide technical training for:

Modular courses offered for the following trades:

Bricklaying / Blocklaying
Painting & Decorating
Animal Production
Drilling Operations
Renewable Energy
Food Processing
Automotive Vehicle
Furniture making
Refrigeration and Airconditioning
Casting & Moulding
Water Treatment
Confectionary processing
Bar Attendant 
Fruit and Vegetable Processing
Dairy Processing
Retail Sales
Retail Operations
General Duty Assistant
Child Care Assistant
Nursing Assistant
Aged Care Assistant
Forklift Operator
Crane Operator 
Industrial Welding
Stock & Inventory Management

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