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Skills for schools & colleges

Our programmes are designed to empower students as they prepare for the future.

Time and time again we have been told by industry experts that a degree alone is not indicative of a successful graduate. That’s why we have partnered with educational experts to design co-curricular programmes that complement academic learning as well as prepare children for life after school.

21st Century Skills for students

With Skills 21 you can quickly begin teaching the most talked about competencies in your school, and give students the best start in life. This is a research backed and globally proven programme that nurtures essential 21st-century skills in students. The learning is highly collaborative and framed in a super hero narrative that immerses students in problematic situations, which they must solve. Teachers around the world have seen their students flourish with their new found confidence, self-awareness, and social abilities.
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Gradudate Enterprise Training for colleges

Graduate Enterprise Training is a three-year extracurricular university and college skills development and internship programme. In one year students complete 45 hours of essential career skills that boosts their degree with practical experience. Contact us to learn more about this programme.