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Skills for schools

Our programmes are designed to empower students as they prepare for the future.

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A pioneering and immersive soft skills programme run by the school to develop vital 21st-century skills in children aged 12 – 17 years old.

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Soft skills for students

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34 vocational trade subjects in a variety of industries are taught within the school environment, equipping students for future employment.

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Trade skills for students

Preparing students for life in and beyond school

Time and time again we have been told by industry experts that a degree alone is not indicative of a successful graduate. That’s why we have partnered with educational experts to design co-curricular programmes that complement academic learning as well as prepare children for life after school.

Through our work with global business leaders, we have gained a unique understanding of what it takes to be successful. Our goal is to share and educate children with this knowledge to better prepare for life after school.

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