“I want my own children to have qualities of compassion, perseverance and confidence”
– Mithun Kamath,
CEO & Board Director

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Mithun Kamath

Group CEO & Board Director

Mithun Kamath holds a Bachelors in Economics and a Masters of Business Administration in Management. He has worked in several positions in the area of management, productivity, and skills development in a career that spans over 21 years. Previously, Mithun worked in South Africa, Kenya, and Delhi India, heading curriculum development, instructional design, and strategic relationships. Mithun has published numerous articles, and is a regular speaker, on the topic of 21st Century Skills.

Wikus Jansen van Vuuren

CEO, South Africa

Before joining Arc Skills, Wikus was Group CEO and Managing Director for the African Management Services Company (AMSCO). He was previously the Business Development Director for Henley Business School Africa and Managing Executive: Africa and Middle East for USB-ED. Wikus has spent the past 28 years of his career in various people development roles, including sociology lecturer, HR consultant, leadership facilitator; and more recently in senior business development and management roles.

Amit Washington

CEO for Nigeria

Amit has rich experience in business consulting, focusing on organisation effectiveness and capability. He has a varied multi-industry background, with expertise spanning Telecom, Banking, Real Estate, Hospitality and Education sectors. He also boasts a vibrant, diverse geographical understanding as a result of managing large projects in Asian, African, and Middle Eastern markets, enabling him to identify complex business problems & propose solutions of high relevance and impact to the partnering organisations.

Peter Kimurwa

CEO for Kenya

Peter holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Kenyatta University, a Masters of Business Administration from INSEAD and is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). He has extensive business experience spanning over 16 years in the areas of corporate leadership, financial management, audit, corporate planning and strategic management. Peter has a passion for skills development that help unemployed youth find meaningful careers and benefits not just individuals but families and communities too.

Mamta Thakur

CEO for Indonesia, Malaysia, & Myanmar

Mamta has a long and successful professional career in Hospitality, Finance, HR, and Training sectors. She also has global market experience having worked in the UK, Dubai, Africa and India. Mamta builds strong, trusted relationships with her clients and has expertise in synergising global teams to achieve a common objective. She holds a Bachelor's and MBA degree.
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