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Trade subjects for school

Prepare students for a future career success by providing hands-on technical education in field of study that is regionally relevant

Trade subjects provide career and technical education to children in secondary school. By deploying the course in your school, you give each student the opportunity to gain hands-on experience to learn a trade alongside their academic studies.  

We have a selection of 34 professional subjects within ten different sectors, giving your school the flexibility to select subjects that meet the needs of your students and community.

 A certified Arc Skills trainer will come to your school to teach classes on days and times that suit your typical school day.

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Animal husbandry
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Air-conditioning refrigerator
Radio, TV and electrical work
Electrical installation & maintenance work
GSM Maintenance
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Data processing
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Auto body repair and spraying
Auto electrical works
Auto mechanical works
Auto parts merchandising
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Bricklaying, Block laying &  concrete work
Painting and decoration
Plumbing and pipefitting
Welding &  Fabrication Engineering craft practice
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Fashion & Cosmetology

Garment making
Textile trade
Dying & bleaching
Leather goods manufacturing & Repair
Printing craft practice Cosmetology
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Wood & Furniture

Machine Woodworking
Carpentry and Joinery
Furniture making
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Book keeping
Store keeping
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Tourism & Hospitality

Catering & Craft Practice
Tourism/ Retail

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